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We are pleased that you are considering a habilitation at the FGW. You can find all the details about the registration process here.

Requirements for Registration

You can register your habilitation at the FGW under the following conditions:

  • University degree and PhD (Dr.)
  • If necessary, specialist medical training (in the case of a subject in patient care)
  • University didactic training
  • Completed habilitation thesis (as a habilitation dissertation or in cumulative form), in advance in electronic form as a PDF file

    Note: In the case of a cumulative habilitation, the at least 4 publications that are combined must come from the upper half of the subject ranking.
  • 8 original papers, 4 of which are the first or last author (except for papers from a cumulative doctorate, equivalent achievements or a monograph)
  • Proof of teaching activity (4 semesters with 2 SWS each)
  • Didactic report on a trial course
  • Appointment of a suitable member of the FGW as subject representative

Forms for registering the habilitation

We have compiled all the necessary documents for registration in a checklist for you (only provided in German at this point).

Please also note our instructions and use our prepared templates.

Checklist Habilitation


Sample Documents Habilitation


Data Sheet Registration


Submission of the documents

You can submit the original documents in person or by post, to Ms. Walter at the MHB, to Ms. Dehne at the UP and to Ms. Lutter at the BTU. We can also make certified copies for you on site.

In any case, please send us a digital version of your documents (PDF files) in advance.

Charlotte Walter
Charlotte Walter
Office for Post-Doctoral Qualifications
phone: +49 3391 3914108
Dr. med. habil. Dr. Nathalie Dehne
Dr. med. habil. Dr. Nathalie Dehne
Managing Director
phone: +49 331 977 2162
Dr. Anne-Helen Lutter
Dr. Anne-Helen Lutter
Research Affairs
phone: +49 3573 85923
Joint faculty
The University of Potsdam, the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane and the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg