Translational immunology of cardiovascular disease

Prof. Dr. Barbara Seliger is the new FGW Professor for Translational Immunology of Cardiovascular Diseases at the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane (MHB) as of 01.10.2022.

Research in recent years has shown that immunological processes are significant in almost all diseases. In the context of oncological diagnostics and therapy, the findings have already developed into a therapeutic capability. Cardiovascular immunology is not yet as established, but interesting starting areas for possible clinical applications are also emerging here. The professorship will take a specialized approach to clinically relevant issues in the cardiovascular field. Immunological mechanisms in the context of atherosclerosis and heart failure will be identified and possibilities of immunomodulation will be analyzed.

The professorship is supported at MHB by the establishment of an interdisciplinary biomaterial and biodatabase. The essential task of the professorship shall be to transfer the results of basic immunological research into clinical research and clinical routine. This concerns diagnostic as well as therapeutic aspects.

Prof. Dr. Barbara Seliger
Prof. Dr. Barbara Seliger
Head of the professorship for Translational immunology of cardiovascular disease
Joint faculty
The University of Potsdam, the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane and the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg