Here, you can find an overview of the members of the Faculty Council.

Prof. Dr Frank Hufert
Grossenhainer Str. 57
01968 Senftenberg
Tel. +49 3391 3914500

Prof. Dr Ludwig Bilz (ludwig.bilz(at)
Prof. Dr Christian Butter (christian.butter(at)
Prof. Dr Stefan Glasauer (stefan.glasauer(at)
Prof. Dr Christine Holmberg (christine.holmberg(at)
Prof. Dr Frank Hufert (frank.hufert(at)
Prof. Dr Jan-Heiner Küpper (jan-heiner.kuepper(at)
Prof. Dr Michael Rapp (michael.rapp(at)
Prof. Dr Tim J. Schulz (tim.schulz(at)
Prof. Dr Pia-Maria Wippert (wippert(at)

Professors’ deputies:
Prof. Dr Joachim Behr (joachim.behr(at)
Prof. Dr Peter Langendörfer (peter.langendoerfer(at)
Prof. Dr Heinz Völler (voeller(at)
Prof. Dr Christos Zouboulis (christos.zouboulis(at)

Research colleagues:
Dr Michael Cassel (mcassel(at)
Dr Anne Kammel (Anne.Kammel(at)
Prof. Dr Patricia Ruiz (patricia.ruiz(at)

Research colleagues’ deputies:
PD Dr Anja Haase-Fielitz (Anja.Haase-Fielitz(at)
Dr. Kai-Uwe Irrgang (Kai-Uwe.Irrgang(at)B-TU.De)
Dr Anne Schraplau (anne.schraplau(at)

Other colleagues’ deputies:
Dr Nathalie Dehne (Nathalie.dehne(at)
Dr Anne Lutter (lutter(at)
Charlotte Walter (

Other assistants:
Pia Hofmann (pia.hofmann(at)

Equal opportunities officers (no voting rights):
Dunja Bruch (dunja.bruch(at)
Birgit Hendrischke (gleichstellung(at)
Jenny Scholka (Jenny.Scholka(at)
Christina Wolff (gba-team(at)

Students (no voting rights):
Theresa Joost (theresa.joost(at)
Jan Krumm (jan.krumm(at)
Jessica Pohl (pohl-jessica(at)

Students’ deputies:
Mr Maximilian Fichtl (maximilian.fichtl(at)

As the faculty has no courses as yet and thus no students, the students from other faculties appointed during the foundation period have no voting rights. This will change as soon as the first courses are set up and students have been assigned to the faculty.

Joint faculty
The University of Potsdam, the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane and the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg