Brandenburg Biomaterial Bank and Database

The “Brandenburg Biomaterial Bank and Database” (BB-BMDB) pilot project aims to intensify applied research and encourage the interlinking of all research facilities in the region.

For this, samples of human bodily substances, which are linked to demographic and clinical data, adhering to legal foundations are to be made available for FGW research projects. In particular, this affects data and material collected as part of registration studies or prospective clinical studies.

The BB-BMDB is a facility with a decentralised structure, meaning that both storage of the materials and data, as well as their processing (analytics) are also largely decentralised. In general, the samples and data are exchanged for analysis between the various partner locations.

The biobank performs a brokerage function here, but also quality assurance tasks to maintain prescribed standards for the quality of biological samples and data. Upon request of the partners involved, the BB-BMDB can offer mentoring and advice when carrying out prospective collections or studies.

You can find more information on the BB-BMDB website.

Project partners: Brandenburg Medical SchoolUniversity of PotsdamBrandenburg Technical University Cottbus-SenftenbergGerman Institute for Dietary Research Potsdam – Rehbrücke

Prof. Dr. René Mantke
Prof. Dr. René Mantke
FGW-Dean at the Theodor Fontane Medical University of Brandenburg (focus on research)
phone: +49 3381 411200
Joint faculty
The University of Potsdam, the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane and the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg