Profile Area 2

Healthcare Research with a Focus on e-health

Prominent future determinants of healthcare in Brandenburg include advancing demographic and structural change and the associated challenges in the accessibility of medical care, especially in rural areas of the of the large state. Older people in particular often have a greater need of healthcare due to chronic illnesses, multi-morbidity and care dependency, but, at the same time, are less mobile. Healthcare offerings that are close to where people live, constant, interdisciplinary and adapted to the regional conditions are therefore of central importance in order to maintain healthcare that is accessible to all, fair and of a high quality.

The aim of the profile area is to improve healthcare in the large federal state of Brandenburg in line with the regional circumstances and the needs of the population as a whole. A special focus is the situation of older people in rural areas. To achieve this goal, a detailed analysis of the current healthcare situation by means of the combination of quality and quantity research involving all relevant players is essential. Thanks to the participation of the public and healthcare providers, analysis of existing structures and networking with regional players in healthcare and research, regionally customised, innovative healthcare concepts and best-practice models are to be developed. Digital solutions can be an important element for improving the regional and supraregional healthcare situation in the federal state of Brandenburg. Other important elements are training and recruiting skilled staff, and developing and trialling new, inter-professional forms of healthcare.

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Current Projects

  • Cardiological Healthcare in Brandenburg (KaViB): Healthcare situation and subjective design of healthcare for cardiovascular diseases in older people
  • Science landscape innovation, taking particular account of patient participation and the Berlin-Brandenburg region
  • Structural linkage of hospital and outpatient medicine: stocktaking in Brandenburg hospitals and development of a new, integrated form of healthcare
  • Coronavirus care: Psychosocial stresses for carers in Brandenburg’s old people’s and care homes during the coronavirus crisis

Congress for Healthcare Research Brandenburg

Together with the  Centre for Healthcare Research (ZVF-BB) Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane, Profile Area II of the FGW organised the  Second Congress for Healthcare Research Brandenburg on 9 October 2020.
Among other things, the digital event discussed the relevance of interlinking all relevant players in Brandenburg – from the public and carers, to politicians and scientists – to advance healthcare and healthcare research in the federal state.

Abstract Volume from the 2nd Congress for Healthcare Research (PDF document, only provided in German)

Executive summary of the 2nd Congress for Healthcare Research  (PDF document, only provided in German)

Joint faculty
The University of Potsdam, the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane and the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg