Opening the procedure

When you have completed the dissertation, in agreement with your first-step assistance, submit an  application to open the doctorate procedure.
You can submit your dissertation as a monograph or as cumulative dissertation.

  • Application forms for Monographs: Online-Folder (Password: Promotion123#####)
  • Application forms for Cumulative Dissertations: Online-Folder (Password: Promotion123###

After submission, your thesis is checked with plagiarism software in the Doctorate Office and your documents are presented to the Doctorate Committee. The committee checks your application and, in the case of a positive decision, issues a recommendation for approval to the Faculty Council. This body also elects the members of the Doctorate Commission and the individuals for assessment.

On the basis of the assessment, the Doctorate Commission sets a preliminary grade and, together with you, sets a Defense date. After the dissertation has been displayed in the Doctorate Office, your university public defense will be held.

The Doctorate Committee will decide the overall grade for your work from the results of your dissertation and defense. You will be informed of the result in camera immediately after the defense.

Joint faculty
The University of Potsdam, the Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane and the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg